N0LX/Marine Mobile with Three Antennas
for 15-17-20 meters
March 1, 2008
N0LX/mm on Prospect Lake. 1 March 2008.

This was the first marine mobile day of the year. The ARRL Worldwide DX contest was in full swing, and I knew there would be little chance for any nice, long chats. I wanted to try 15 meters, so earlier in the day I made up an end-fed wire for the band using 24-ga. stranded wire. The photo above shows my usual 17- and 20-meter wire, using a Molex connector to change bands, supported by an MFJ 33-foot pole. The new 15-meter wire is mounted on a Cabelas 20-foot pole. I detected neither assistance nor interference with the close proximity of the two masts. The next picture shows the minimalist rear seat arrangement. My radio, an FT-817, hangs out of the photo at the edge of the middle (rowing) seat.


I was out on the water by 1:50 p.m. Mountain Time (2050Z), and operated until 6:00 p.m.
Here is a rundown of the day's contacts:

15 meters:
21.370  VP5H      Turks & Caicos Isl.
21.370  KH6LC   Hawaii    
21.352  KH7X      Hawaii
21.305  KH6MB   Hawaii
21.290  AH6RR    Hawaii
21.254  LV5V       Argentina
21.236  HP3BS     Panama
21.221  CE1KR    Chile
21.227  XE1XOE  Mexico
21.335  KH7Y       Hawaii
21.338  PY5HOT  Brazil
21.303  PW2D      Brazil
21.295  YV1CTE  Venezuela
21.373  PY2EX     Brazil
21.262  ZX5J         Brazil
21.242  HK3JJH   Colombia
21.270  LT1F        Argentina
21.300  LP1H       Argentina

17 meters:
18.148  JO1DZA   Japan
18.165  JH1OCC   Japan

20 meters:
14.342  KK4PQ     Georgia
14.314  6Y1V         Jamaica
14.310  KH7X        Hawaii
14.300  NP2CB      Florida: Maritime Mobile net
14.294  P40V          Aruba
14.277  P40A          Aruba
14.266  8P1A          Barbados
14.248  KH7B         Hawaii
14.224  XE2WWW Mexico
14.215  HC8A         Galapagos Islands
14.301 KH6MB       Hawaii

With five watts, I reached 13 DX countries (plus Hawaii) and 31 total contacts in four hours. Not too bad for QRP at the bottom of a sunspot cycle.

Here is a picture of the boat taken the very next morning. Typical Colorado weather!

2 March 2008