Pedestrian Mobile in Hawaii
Below is a picture taken from the pier at Waikiki.
This is a good radio spot, especially to the south. Yes, you might get a few looks, especially if you have a 20-foot antenna strapped to your back, but I had several people stop to listen as I explained what I was doing. They seemed amazed as I turned up the volume so they could hear the reply from Australia.

In April, 2004 my work took me to the island of Oahu. My hotel was a short walk to the beach at Waikiki, and at the far end was a long pier extending out into the Pacific. I  operated from there a couple of evenings. My first contact was a VK2 in Australia followed by a JA1 in Japan. Two days later I climbed Diamond Head but only made three contacts. The next day I was on Lei Point and made it all the way to David, W4BAB, in Georgia about 5,000 miles away. Finally, I found myself standing at the water's edge on Kailua Beach and heard Bud, W3FF in California. He was 5x8 and gave me a 56 report. Next came Haru, JA1CG and finally Bob, W5SUN in Texas. Bob was signing with another station so I called him. He said I was coming through loud and clear at 5 watts so I tapped it down to half power. Still Q-5 copy so I went to 1 watt. He still heard me! I tried low power at 500mW, but no luck there. 



I think this was Lei Point. It was a very windy day, 25+ knots and the backpack had no hip belt to keep the antenna from wanting to blow right over my shoulder.