QRP Marine Mobile
July 28, 2006
(See story below photo)
Last light from Prospect Lake, Colorado. Taken from the boat 7-28-2006

There was a geomagnetic storm yesterday and wasn't sure I wanted to go out, but this evening I made 16 contacts to 10 different states.

It started out a bit rough with an S-8 noise level, but eventually tapered down to S-2. There were no DX contacts, but some great stateside chats more than made up for it. One was twenty-two minutes long and another lasted forty minutes. There was unusual propagation this evening as I worked into Missouri, Oklahoma, and even Kansas, but also worked the East Coast. As I was pulling up to the dock at 10:00 p.m., I heard a Ukraine station talking to Utah. I heard both of them.

The rig was my Yaesu FT-817 with a $20 computer headset and running VOX so I could row and talk at the same time. The antenna was a 33-foot, end-fed vertical wire held up with an MFJ pole. The log was a 4"x 6" spiral notebook, resting on my lap with Velcro holding it in place. The boat is a Walker Bay eight-foot rowboat. 

Here is a run-down of tonight's contacts and their location. All were made on 20 meters SSB with 5 watts.
W4EIC      (VA)
N6GJR      (TX)
N5GLR     (TX)
N0ECE     (MO)
W9FO       (IL)
KC0FFS    (MO)
W9HNX    (WI)
KE1DX      (CT)
W1KA       (NH)
N5KDZ     (TX)
K0VET      (MO)
KV0S        (MO)
NC6Y       (OK)
KS0RF/m  (KS)

Just another day running QRP at the bottom of  a sunspot cycle.

Jake, N0LX