Marine Mobile From a Mountaintop
The GPS reads 13,800 feet.  This is boating with an altitude.
What a backdrop! In all, 14 contacts were made. All were east of Colorado and stretched from Iowa to New Hampshire and Virginia.

Photos by Bruce Thompson, Eric Sanderson and myself.
Here I am tuning the radio and antenna system near shore. I used my FT-817 at five watts and an end fed vertical halfwave shortened to 20 feet for both 17 and 20 meters.
A World's Record?
Small Lake near summit of Mt Evans, Colorado
39 deg 34.96'N 105 deg 38.36'W
13,800 feet above sea level

On August 14, 2004, I set out to accomplish a personal goal of operating from a boat from the highest lake I could find. The result may be a World Record for the highest ham radio operation from a boat. I have submitted the information to the ARRL who said the story will be published in an upcoming issue of QST.

The lake is actually a small reservoir built to supply water to the restaurant located at the summit. Unfortunately, the small establishment burned down many years ago.  Here are some photos chronicling the day's events.






I was assisted by Eric, KGØHO, and Bruce, KGØSH. They helped me get  the boat out to the water and fielded questions from people passing by on their way to the summit. That's me untying the boat