Leaky Tank Antenna
a modified Zepp
An idea I had on April 21, 2003 for a new antenna. It is based on the end fed Zepp, a half wave wire antenna that needs only a tuned "tank" circuit to match. this design uses a coil and a capacitor, but the capacitor is also the radiator.
Two long, thin strips of metal each a half wavelength long are placed close enough together to form a capacitor of the required value. Since it is at a resonant length, the RF should radiate right off the capacitor: a self-radiating tank circuit. The strips could be replaced with a twisted pair of wires or???
A tap on the coil matches to 50 ohms for coax feed.
Just as a coil stores energy in an electromagnetic field, a capacitor stores it as an electrostatic field. Will this field "leak out" and radiate? And what will be the polarity? Maybe someday I will find out.